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Japanese staff Japanese cast Chief Director : Hisayoshi Hirasawa
Script :
Yūichi Uchibori
Storyboard :
Oyunam (eps 1-9)
Yukiko Iwata (eps 1-3, 8)
Episode Director :
Kanako Oikawa (ep 1)
Oyunam (ep 8)
Tsukasa Sakurai (ep 2)
Music : ISAO
Original creator : Naoko Kodama
Character Design : Masaru Kawashima
Chief Animation Director : Masaru Kawashima (ep 1)
Animation Director :
Takayuki Onoda (ep 1)
Tsukasa Sakurai (ep 2)
Sound Director : Hisayoshi Hirasawa

End Card Illustration :
Benishake (ep 9)
Eri Takenashi (ep 10)
Hina Shirogane (ep 2)
Jun Ogino (ep 8)
Memeko Arii (ep 4)
merryhachi (ep 3)
Namori (ep 5)
Naoko Kodama (eps 1, 12)
Yayoi Osawa (ep 6)
Theme Song Performance : Haruka Tōjō
Ai Kakuma as Yuma Okazaki Daisuke Ono as Fujiwara Hiromi Igarashi as Hotaru Mizushina Ryota Ohsaka as Takeda
Akira Kasahara as
classmate B (ep 7)
school nurse (ep 9) Arisa Nakada as
classmate (ep 11)
Fujiwara's ex-girlfriend (ep 10)
Nana (eps 2, 4, 6) Chika Yoshitomi as
classmate A (ep 7)
Yuma's mother (eps 1, 9) Kenya Tomatsu as customer (ep 9) Nozomi Furuki as
2-3 girl (ep 4)
girlfriend (ep 5) Shohei Yamaguchi as
boyfriend (ep 5)
Hotaru's ex-boyfriend (ep 10)
manager (eps 8-9)
teacher (ep 11) Wataru Usami as customer (ep 9) Yui Nakajima as Sayoko (eps 2, 4, 6) Japanese companies Animation Production : Creators in Pack
Sound Production : Cloud22
English staff English companies (none)
Internet Streaming : Crunchyroll
English cast (none)
Italian cast Italian staff Translation : Alessio Federico

Editing : Marco Cifarelli
Italian companies Distributor : Dynit
Internet Streaming : VVVVID
German staff German companies (none)
Distributor : Kazé Germany
Internet Streaming : Anime-on-Demand
German cast (none)

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Met-Art – Loretta A – Breve

Model(s): Loretta A
Released Date: January 29, 2015
Size: 160 MB
Quality: 12 megapixels – 120 photos


Is This Trip Right for You?  This fast-paced trip covers a good amount of ground each day. You can spend 2-3 hours on your feet during tours where you will encounter some uneven surfaces, stairs, steps and significant slopes. This tour is not recommended for people who have difficulty walking.

Yuma - You And Me (Diving Faces - The Next Chapter)Yuma - You And Me (Diving Faces - The Next Chapter)Yuma - You And Me (Diving Faces - The Next Chapter)Yuma - You And Me (Diving Faces - The Next Chapter)