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Six VHS tapes with a single episode each were released in the United States from DiC Video & Golden Books and numerous Spanish-language tapes were available from Vídeo Peques under the Travelling Video line. [3]

The series that appeared on Cartoon Network 's Toonami block from March 17, 1997 to September 20, 2008.
Note: The dates under " End Date " are the last time the series appeared on Toonami or Toonami's Midnight Run . Some series had multiple runs that were not always consecutive.

The “executives” seem like they have no idea what they are doing, paddling the Landseaire’s boat with oars instead of rowing. In the background, the models lounge on the PBY’s wing while crew members seem to be very interested in their condition. The man on the left in the row boat is Glenn E. Odekirk, then president of Southern California Aircraft Corp. The Oregon State University (OSU) alumni website says this of Odekirk: “Odekirk during the 1930s and through the Second World War was the assistant to the president of Hughes Aircraft and had a very close, professional relationship with the man who was president—millionaire eccentric Howard Hughes. For several years, the two flew around the country together, testing the young OSU engineer’s ideas and arguing constantly over the most trivial matters of airplane construction. It was Odekirk who carefully examined airplane after airplane during the 1930s to find the one Hughes eventually used to set his record-breaking round-the-globe flight of 91 hours.”

All 13 Godzilla episodes from the first season have been released on DVD, in three separate volumes [3] titled Godzilla: The Original Animated Series . Volume 1 contains the first four episodes, Volume 2 contains the next four and Volume 3 contains the last five.

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