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…alliance with Hitler—was “mostly good.” In 1949 Fritz Dorls and Otto Ernst Remer, a former army general who had helped to crush an attempted military coup against Hitler in July 1944, founded the Socialist Reich Party (Sozialistische Reichspartei; SRP), one of the earliest neofascist parties in Germany. Openly sympathetic…

Rainfall is unpredictable in large parts of the country, and prolonged droughts are a serious restriction on farming in such areas. While the mean annual rainfall is 46 cm (18 in), 21% of the country receives less than 20 cm (8 in) and 31% gets more than 60 cm (24 in). Much of South Africa gets its rain in the summer months, but the western coastal belt is a winter rain area. Along the Cape south coast, rain falls during both seasons.

An overall view of the people reveals a population that is childless and growing very old. Seeing German babies is a rarity, and when you do it is usually a sole child being pushed in a stroller. Middle Eastern men spending time with their children, lounging in the grass, or playing soccer was a much more frequent sight. The root of this phenomenon was perfectly captured when a lone, thirtyish German woman covered in tattoos and wearing the appropriate blue-dyed, dyke haircut stepped on my bus, followed by a Middle Eastern man tending to his three young children. It was almost poetic how perfectly this moment captured the inevitable demise of German society.

The most powerful force of French warships was at Mers-el-Kébir in French Algeria , consisting of the old battleships Provence and Bretagne , the newer Force de Raid battleships Dunkerque and Strasbourg , the seaplane tender Commandant Teste and six destroyers under the command of Admiral Marcel-Bruno Gensoul . Admiral James Somerville of Force H , based in Gibraltar , was ordered to deliver an ultimatum to the French but the British terms were contrary to the German-French armistice terms. [8] [a] Somerville passed the duty of presenting the ultimatum to a French speaker, Captain Cedric Holland , commander of the carrier HMS  Ark Royal . Gensoul was affronted that negotiations were not being conducted by a senior officer and sent his lieutenant, Bernard Dufay, which led to much delay and confusion. As negotiations dragged on, it became clear that neither side was likely to give way. Darlan was at home on 3 July and could not be contacted. Gensoul told the French government that the alternatives were internment or battle. [8] Removing the fleet to United States' waters, had formed part of the orders Darlan gave to Gensoul, if a foreign power attempt to seize the ships under his command. [13]

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Germans - Cape FearGermans - Cape FearGermans - Cape FearGermans - Cape Fear